General Policies

Rates are subject to change and do not apply during special events. A suggested gratuity has been added for your convenience. The Payment of this suggested gratuity is subject to your complete discretion and may be increased, decreased, or eliminated entirely. Any gratuity received will be remitted in full to the chauffeur.

Suggested gratuities apply to all vehicle types except coaches and executive coaches, in which case a service charge applies.

Sales tax computed for the Netherlands at 6% – Suggested Gratuities are not subject to sales tax.

Charges that are incurred such as sales tax, or other additional services requested by clients are billed at the actual cost.

All airport trips to and from Amsterdam city center are priced as 1 hour minimum charters in sedans & passenger vans.

All airport trips are subject to an airport access fee for parking, permits, and airport AVI charges – minibuses, activity buses & coaches at €10.00 all other vehicles €6.00.

Any trips incurring usage of the transponders and drive through any toll booths will have toll charges added to the bill at the conclusion of the trip.

We are not liable for delays caused by mechanical issues, road closures, accidents, airline delays, breakdowns, weather, traffic, or conditions beyond our control.


bookings amounting to €10,000 we ask an advance payment €6000. For reservations where accommodation is compelled, we ask €75 per day per driver

A deposit of €3000,00 is required for reservations . The total estimated trip amount plus 10% will be pre-authorized prior to the trip.

We reserve the right to substitute the same or higher capacity vehicles when ordered vehicle type is not available at no additional charge and with no notice.

We will make every effort to service your trip with a highly trained chauffeur and a suitable vehicle. Executive Transport Service will not be held responsible for any personal belongings left in the vehicle or damaged incurred to personal belongings as a result of negligence.

Vehicle Policies

Smoking is not permitted in our vehicles.

Wi-Fi service is not guaranteed to work due to coverage limitations. Some data services such as video streaming have been disabled and or filtered.

For your refreshment, we provide complimentary chilled bottled water in our sedans and vans, and sodas in limobuses and limousines. We will do our best to provide your needs as you requested in your inquiry.

Any damages to vehicle will be billed at the cost of repairs to the credit card or billing address on file upon our sole discretion.

Excessive clean-up including spills of staining fluids or ANY bodily fluids will incur additional charges at a minimum of €300 upon our sole discretion.

Vehicles are GPS and possibly video recorder equipped for visual and audio recording of the safety of our personnel and the protection against civil liabilities in certain circumstances including accident documentation and of incidents which may warrant the manual activation of this system to document unruly, illegal or dangerous situations based solely upon our discretion.

Wait & Travel Time

Travel time for all locations within the region of Amsterdam is computed from the time the vehicle arrives at the pick-up point to the time it returns to the drop-off point (point-to-point). Additional travel time and km fee will be added for altered destinations and drop-off time.

All Airport transfers are subject to the following wait time:
No charge for vehicle departing the airport within 45 minutes of flight landed time.
Vehicle departing the airport after 45 minutes of flight landed time will be charged wait time at vehicle hourly rate.

All transfers except airport transfers are subject to the following wait time:
First 15 minutes past scheduled pick up time is no charge.
After 15 minutes past scheduled pick up time wait time charges at the vehicle hourly rate will apply.

Airport Chauffeur Meet & Greet – there is no charge for chauffeurs to meet you at the designated chauffeur meeting point and the entrance to the baggage claim area for your respective airline for all sedan, suvs, & passenger van transfers.

All flight arrival procedures for sedans and minivans will park in the short-stay parking due to airport parking restrictions. A separate greeter is available to meet you at the entrance of your flights baggage claim area for a €50 charge plus 6% sales tax.

For group arrivals – greet staff is available for €40 per hour/per greeter with a 3 hour minimum plus sales tax.
Vehicle GPS data will be used in cases where there are billing discrepancies with pick-up or drop-off times.

Deposit Policy

New Accounts
Over the road minibus and coach charters – require a 50% deposit upon reservation and 50% balance due 14 days prior to charter.

Other Deposit Terms
Executive Transport Services reserves the right to adjust deposit requirements based on volume of reservation(s), group or project.
All Reservations for Proms & Special Events must be secured by a non-refundable deposit – 50% at booking & balance 14 days prior to pick up.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policies are Subject to Change.

Your trip is considered a late cancel if you cancel or change your scheduled pickup time within the following guidelines prior to your scheduled pickup:

0 to 2 hours before pick-up – Sedans and minivans cancelled within two hours of scheduled pickup will be a late cancel billed at the full trip price.

0 to 2 days before pick-up – Midivans and coaches cancelled within two days of scheduled pickup will be a late cancel billed at the full trip price.

3 to 14 days before pick-up – Midivans and coaches cancelled within 3 to 14 days of scheduled pickup will be a late cancel billed at 50% of the trip price.

15 to 21 days before pick-up – Midivans and coaches cancelled within 15 to 21 days of scheduled pickup will be a late cancel billed at 30% of the trip price.

22 days before pick-up – Midivans and coaches cancelled 22 days before the scheduled pickup will be a late cancel billed at 15% of the trip price with a minium of €35,00 + 6% sales tax.

Customer failure to show at the designated pick up location and time will be charged a “No show” fee for the entire amount of the trip. If you cannot locate your chauffeur, you must notify us by phone +316 39 133 726 to avoid a “No Show” charge.

We reserve the right to terminate a trip for unruly, threatening, or unsafe behavior by passengers at anytime..